About Me

“Highly motivated and results-oriented with a passion for building Growth & Scale”


The Objective:

Results-oriented professional with a strong background in manufacturing and operations management.

Utilizing my expertise in driving operational excellence, optimizing processes, and leading cross-functional teams to achieve organizational goals.


“Once we hire the right People and the right People are doing the right Process, and Profit will come by itself”

Implement the 5Ps

1. Prior
2. Preparation
3. Preventive
4. Poor
5. Performance

“Always Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan”


Strength & Specialisation

Over the years and through the above-mentioned assignment, I strongly believe that my main strength is Sales & Marketing, Operation, Negotiation & Solving Problem, which needs a lot of technical and commercial support. (Also it needs a thorough knowledge of the procedures to be followed in the required business environment, which I have acquired through years of working).

I strongly believe in working with the long-term objective of the customers for the benefit of the company’s long-term goals. Adherence to the company’s business ethics and correct selling practice made me successful so far. Starting new divisions is my main strength.

I believe in teamwork and strong communication outside the company. I am very system-oriented and that has helped me in leading my teams. Getting to the bottom of the situation and then solving it is my style of working.