PT. Prokemas Adhikari Kreasi (MyPAK) – Affiliate Fajar Paper Tbk.

  • Creates a clear view of the vision and motivate others to understand the strategic plan for the entity and the importance of goal congruence in an organization. Influence and drive for action towards the implementation of the vision and the strategic plan. Lead by example and model the company’s beliefs and values. Use the vision and strategic plan as a reference point in conducting day-to-day activities. Help others see linkages between the organization’s vision/strategy, values, systems and processes. 
  • Communicate goals and KPI’s to BOD Leadership Team regularly and manage achievement to goals. 
  • Model integrity and ethical business leadership. Motivate/encourage employees and their executive team to continuously seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing any challenges and opportunities. Facilitate the use of knowledge from internal and external sources to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Recognize opportunities, encourage boundary-breaking and to develop a performance management framework for the BOD Leadership Team with individual KPI’s for team members that are aligned to the strategic goals of the entity. Operate with enthusiasm, professionalism and passion and must lead by example to hardwire the values and constructive/innovative culture.
  • Foster a collaborative/constructive culture by rewarding employees for working cross-functionally and contributing to breaking down silos and operating as one team. Ensure functions work collaboratively as each function is dependent on the other for the wider company’s success. Create a positive and cohesive culture.

ATP Group – Ancol Terang Metal Printing Indonesia

  • Successfully & Improvement in sales figures by coordinating & communication between clients & factory. 
  • Develops new quality standards for better quality performance and reliability to meet customer expectations. 
  • Implements new innovation metal packaging of another new way to meet customer needs.
  • Ensure on-time availability of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) product manufactured according to clinical and commercial timelines while ensuring that lean concepts are applied to inventory levels and productivity of the site
  • Lead manufacturing workforce planning and establish internal people’s capability to start-up and operate the facility. Ensure appropriate staffing levels, training, and oversight for manufacturing operations. Attract, hire and develop key talent to the organization, and ensure that key roles have appropriate succession plans in place
  • Support the development and execution of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain strategic plan, together with the Sales & Marketing strategic plan

Amtex Corporation

  • Successfully manages a diverse range of projects from concept to implementation. 
  • Develops new quality standards for better quality performance and reliability in CMC (CarboxyMethylCellulose) to meet customer expectations. 
  • Implements new innovation of other Chemical to meet customer needs.
  • Develops strategies to boost product line to profitability.
  • Establish a good relationship with customers & principle vendors.
  • Supervises direct and indirect sales organizations within the Amtex Groups. Amtex Indonesia’s revenue stream has grown from 10% to 47%.
  • Organizes implements and improves workflow systems that result in significant cost-saving and efficiency. 
  • Improves support service level and the company’s competitive market position by reducing product cost, accelerating the delivery of new features, and increasing overall product quality.
  • Manages 130 MT budget projects with Beverage Multinational Company and achieves project scheduled goals.
  • Improves customer service satisfaction of “Good Result” annually through supply chain management initiatives, inventory control and flexible supply chain practice.

Pemara Labels Indonesia

  • Effectively prioritized and organized workloads in a constantly changing environment to meet daily and weekly schedule
  • Completed important projects on time and within budget
  • As General Manager: Established new setting up time control – Pit Lane System, Quality Assurance & Control, and Supply Chain systems. Also researched and found the most cost-effective suppliers which resulted in over 10% growth annually
  • Reorganized department for more productive operation, including providing faster service with fewer returns from customer
  • Led corporate teams in driving cost reduction initiatives that resulted over yearly through capital infusion and process automation
  • Accelerated time to market for embedded Label business by 30% through the use of right technology or good quality tools, improved DIFOT, and timely personnel training

Putera Dharma – Mantrust Group

  • Utilized extensive knowledge and skill of operation and manufacturing to significantly improved efficiency of production by 65%, the effectiveness of manpower by 25% and accuracy to 95%
  • Developed or implemented new procedures and system
  • Created and presented an excellent image of the company and its services to customers, and coordinated and communicated well with bankers, vendors.
  • Commended by PT. Putera Dharma Management on numerous occasions for the quality and consistency of my performance
  • Reducing workers/labours from 1200 people to 600 people, by improving safety plan and implementing a healthy environment in the factory, management accountability. 
  • Reducing product line or stock keeping unit with replacement profitable product line or stock keeping unit by using the Internal Audit process to improve profit

Detmold Packaging – D&D Packaging Indonesia

  • A few projects identified in several locations area and being finance supported by HQ, to meet requirement expansion
  • In short time frame customers base are created and initial presentation being made
  • New Product had been launch in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, which have made the product existing and well known in the market
  • Innovative products as “Ripple Wrap”, launched with Value Justification have become an instant success
  • Result / Contract signed and ready for mass production and shipment
  • The customer identified in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Mostly 5 major biggest major fast-food restaurants, like KFC, Mc. Donalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Subway
  • Trained teams in target countries already in place
  • Costing system had been being implemented through ACCPAC system
  • The pricing structure is being set up by individual countries
  • Work closely with the finance department in order to meet HQ requirement reporting system
  • Costing system being made to help to monitor margin each individual product category

Asia Pulp & Paper (Sinar Mas Group)

  • In a short time frame customer base is created and the initial presentation is made.
  • The trained team in target countries already in place.
  • Product range fixed along with the support systems.
  • Sales tools and kits are developed.
  • Distribution finalized in the target countries.
  • Innovative products such as “High-Density Toilet Rolls” launched with value justifications have become an instant success in trouble economy countries.
  • Customers identified in countries like the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar). Initial presentation made and along with samples and costing.
  • Results/contracts are expected early next year for one full year.
  • New Product has been launch in the Whole Middle East, which we have made the product exist and well known in the market and we plan the target within 1 year is USD 3 Million.
  • Converting the JV agreement signed in the three countries and under finalization in a few more. In order to achieve this, a standard format is developed so that it becomes easy to use in any country.