Asia Pulp & Paper (Sinar Mas Group)

  • In a short time frame customer base is created and the initial presentation is made.
  • The trained team in target countries already in place.
  • Product range fixed along with the support systems.
  • Sales tools and kits are developed.
  • Distribution finalized in the target countries.
  • Innovative products such as “High-Density Toilet Rolls” launched with value justifications have become an instant success in trouble economy countries.
  • Customers identified in countries like the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar). Initial presentation made and along with samples and costing.
  • Results/contracts are expected early next year for one full year.
  • New Product has been launch in the Whole Middle East, which we have made the product exist and well known in the market and we plan the target within 1 year is USD 3 Million.
  • Converting the JV agreement signed in the three countries and under finalization in a few more. In order to achieve this, a standard format is developed so that it becomes easy to use in any country.

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